Slime Micro Beads Set, 12pk



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  • Maddie Rae's Slime Metallic Microbeads Set, 12pk, 240 grams (20 grams each color)
  • Fun and creative Metallic Caviar Bead Set each in plastic container for easy use and storage
  • Slime Supplies- An assortment of Shiny Metallic Micro Beads to add to any Slime, Caviar Nail Art, Project, Craft, and more!
  • Slime making Caviar Marbles specifically made for Slime or any DIY project! Maddie Rae has the best Slime Stuff!
  • Purple, Black, White, Orange, Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Silver, Yellow, Red, Pink - Not for consumption


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