Maddie Rae's Slime Glue Recipes

Maddie Rae's Awesome Slime Glue Recipe

Maddie Rae’s Starter Slime

Make awesome, colorful slime inspired by Maddie Rae herself

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Maddie Rae's Scented, Smelly Slime Recipe

Scented, Smelly Slime

Use your nose by learning how to make scented slime

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Maddie Rae's Glow-in-the-Dark Slime Recipe

Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

Add a cool glow to slime and be able to find it anywhere in the dark

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Maddie Rae's Floam Slime Recipe

Floam Slime

Squish, squeeze, and mold this cool slime made with bean bag chair filler!

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Maddie Rae's Toxic Waste Slime

Regular Slime

The only green, slimy sludge that’s safe to play with (and fun too!)

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Maddie Rae's 2 Ingredient, Borax Free Slime Recipe

2 Ingredient Slime

Make a basic recipe of slime quickly and easily with all of the fun

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5-Minute Magnetic Slime

Get pulled into this cool recipe that uses special powder to control slime with magnets!

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Bouncing Slime Ball

Take slime to new heights by making it to a high bouncing ball!

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Be My Valentine Slime

Impress classmates and valentines with slime that asks “Will you be my Valentine?”

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Galaxy Slime

Create slime that looks like it’s from the middle of the Milky Way and looks like millions of stars!

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Maddie Rae's Color Changing, Heat Activated Slime

Color Changing, Heat Activated Slime

Watch slime change right before your eyes with only the heat from your hands!

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Maddie Rae's Shark Tank Slime

Shark Tank Slime

Create your own shark tank with a few simple ingredients and toys!

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Maddie Rae's Baseball Bubble Gum Slime

Baseball Bubble Gum Slime

Make a wad of this cool slime and use a plastic straw to expand on the fun

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Sparkle Slime

Add some color and sparkle to your slime like I did here

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Maddie Rae's Winter Wonderland Slime

Glitter Slime

A slime Queen Elsa herself would absolutely love!

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